GeoRetain: Brisbane Rock Anchors


GeoRetain is a Brisbane-based rock anchor and ground engineering subcontractor that aims to provide the most cost-effective, value-added and on-time drilling and retention solutions for civil infrastructure, commercial, residential and natural resources/mining projects. We specialise in rock anchoring, shotcrete, drilling, grouting and structural steel fabrication services and we service South East Queensland including Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Our capabilities

Specialising in rock anchor services in South East Queensland and complimented by a suite of plant and equipment resources unrivalled within the industry, GeoRetain offers a wide selection of capabilities and construction outcomes for a range of engineering applications including:

  • Rock Anchors: Permanent and temporary strand anchors
  • Shotcrete Application: Sprayed concrete applied to retaining walls, batters (slope stabilisation), excavated faces and drains
  • Soil Nails & Rock Dowels: Permanent and temporary bar anchors
  • Drilling: All types of geotechnical, bore and line drilling
  • Micro-Piling: Engineered mini-piling solutions including bored piers and alternative anchored solutions
  • Grouting: Pressure grouting with grout packers to fill voids and provide ground consolidation
  • Structural Steel Fabrication: Construction and fabrication of steel walers and bracing, bearing plates, plant, equipment and other steel components

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